10 Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials

10 Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials

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The diaper bag — it's a new mom’s best friend. Whatever life may throw at you and your little one, from poopy diapers, to spit up and everything in between, your diaper bag should have your back. But for a lot of moms, carrying around a diaper bag can feel like you’re supplying a small army — and that’s before you count baby! 

That's why we've created this ultimate must-have list of essentials for a neat, orderly, travel-friendly and decluttered bag for mamas who need a well-packed pouch. Here are our top ten recommended items for a diaper bag that can keep up with baby, and with you!

1. Diapers - The clue is in the name! You should carry at least one diaper for every two hours that you’re out of the house, but it doesn't hurt to pack more just in case.

2. Baby Wipes - Wipes are the ultimate diaper bag multi-tasker. From wiping baby’s bum to cleaning their little face and even your own hands, no diaper bag is complete without baby wipes. Many brands offer travel-friendly packaging, but if you don't have any, you can always store yours in a sandwich bag to stop them from drying out.

3. Diaper Cream - Little bums are often sensitive, and there's nothing more uncomfortable for a baby than diaper rash. To save space in your diaper bag, opt for travel size tubes, or decant into a smaller container.

4. Burp Cloth - Spit-up happens — but it doesn't need to ruin your day out. Be sure to pack 2-3 burp cloths to save your shirt - and your little ones - after feeds.

5. A Spare Outfit - No matter how prepared you think you are, unexpected outfit changes happen, so it's essential to pack a spare. Opt for easy options that don't take up much space, like bodysuits and leggings.

6. Breastfeeding Supplies - The awesome thing about breastfeeding is that you have all you need to provide your little one with a nutritious meal — but if you're out and about, you might want to pack nursing pads and nipple cream too. Similarly, if you need a boost for your milk supply, you may also want to pack a serving of our Milk Drunk Protein Powder as a convenient snack on-the-go. Or, make our Lactation Protein Bars - they come together fast, freeze well and are great for in-between meals!

7. Formula Supplies - Supplementing with formula? Save yourself space and weight by packing pre-measured formula portions and enough clean bottles, and sterilized water for your little ones feeds while out of the house.

8. Hair Ties - Hair ties may not seem like a diaper bag must-have at first glance, but when your baby takes a shine to pulling your hair while nursing, a hair tie can be a life-saver!

9. Hand Sanitizer - Inevitably, there will be times that a changing table isn't available, and you have to change your baby's diaper on your knee, or in the backseat of your car. In these moments, hand sanitizer will be your best friend.

10. Snacks - Being a new mom is a hungry job — especially if you're breastfeeding — so be sure to keep your energy up by snacking on-the-go. Some easy favorites are almonds, dried or fresh fruit, or maybe a few of our Milk Drunk Protein Balls - these guys are made with oats and nut butter and will deliver a protein and energy boost when you need it!

It can be difficult to fully prepare for everything that motherhood might throw at you, but with a fully stocked diaper bag — and a happy-go-lucky attitude — it's possible to tackle the unpredictable moments that make being a mom so fun (and challenging!)

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