Does Protein Increase Milk Supply when Breastfeeding?

Does Protein Increase Milk Supply when Breastfeeding?

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As a new or seasoned mom, you know that your diet plays a key role in your milk supply, and protein is emerging as a major ingredient for increasing and maintaining breastmilk production. Breastfeeding moms are constantly on the lookout for ways to boost milk supply - lactation recipes, hydrating drinks, pumping schedules and more! 

According to US News and World Report, nursing moms need at least 65 grams, of protein per day. That’s nearly 20 more grams of protein than a non-nursing woman needs.

Whether you’re a brand-new mom or you just had your sixth kid (we salute you), you quickly realize how much your body is adapting and changing while breastfeeding your little one. Your body experiences significant changes, including working overtime to produce and create nutritious breast milk.

We know you’re tired and it makes sense. When lactating, you’re nourishing two people, using calories to create food with your body and utilizing your body’s different systems to adapt to baby’s changing nutritional needs. It’s hard work and energy-intensive! And more and more research is pointing to the fact that it’s not just increased calories that make a difference in milk production – but where those calories come from that can really be key.

Why Protein is Key for Breastfeeding Moms

Protein is essential for building tissue and helping the body rebuild and repair organs and body tissue. Moms and babies need protein to ensure your body can build, repair and maintain your muscles, connective tissue, skin and organs. Getting adequate protein helps enable lactating moms to maintain milk supply and continue to produce nutritious milk for their growing babies.

There are many other benefits of including protein in our diets. Protein is great for our metabolism and can even help us lose weight. Since protein is so filling, it allows our bodies to stay satiated longer than when eating carbohydrates. It helps fortify and maintain strong bones, which you need for carrying around that little baby and all of that hefty gear, and helps your body repair after giving birth. It also helps keep our immune system strong and healthy.

In addition to the benefits of protein for milk supply and production, protein is essential for maintaining endurance and energy during exercise. For those moms who are ready to work out or need that endorphin spark, protein is also essential for keeping our bodies strong during and after exercise. To rebuild muscular tissue lost during pregnancy and post-partum, your body relies on protein. But 20 extra grams per day is a lot – which is where Milk Drunk can help.

Get Milk Drunk

Just one serving of our vegan Milk Drunk has at least 17 grams of protein. Fortifying your smoothie with Milk Drunk protein powder will help you easily reach your goal of 65 grams of protein and can alleviate some of the pressure of preparing lots of food when you already have so much to do on your plate. Plus, Milk Drunk protein powder is packed with natural breast milk-boosting ingredients such as oat flour, flax seed and brewer’s yeast to keep your production strong. For more smoothie and snack recipe inspirations and ideas, peep our Insta.

Lean proteins

Lean proteins, such as chicken breast, turkey, and eggs are an excellent choice for protein. One skinless cooked chicken breast can have as much as 53 grams of protein, and is low in calories and fat, making it a wonderful choice for mamas. One medium-size egg has about 6 grams of protein and 73 calories.


Fish high in omegas such as wild salmon are a great source of protein. Other smaller fishes, such as sardines and even anchovies are also great options.

Plant-based proteins

If meat isn’t your thing or you’re looking to eat more plants, beans, nuts, soy, and seeds have wonderful amounts of healthy protein as well. One cup of cooked lentils boast about 17 grams of protein and one cup of cooked black beans has 15 grams of protein.

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