Chocolate Breastfeeding Shake with Almond Butter and Banana

Chocolate Breastfeeding Shake with Almond Butter and Banana

A chocolate breastfeeding shake for breakfast is a total #momhack for a happy morning! Our Milk Drunk Chocolate protein powder is paired with easy, on-hand ingredients to make a delicious, nutrient-dense "chunky monkey" lactation smoothie for all you nursing and pumping moms. 

Almond butter is one of our favorite recipe additions for breastfeeding moms. Not only are almonds tasty, they feature a host of vitamins and minerals that definitely earn them status as a breastfeeding superfood. They're rich in magnesium, Vitamin E, healthy fats and fiber - making a tablespoon a totally worthwhile addition to your smoothies. Pro smoothie tip? Try an almond butter that's salted for a fantastic complement to the sweetness of the fruit in your shakes!

With about 450 calories, this lactation smoothie is ideal as part of a complete meal - boost the calories a bit at breakfast by pairing it with a hardboiled egg or paleo muffin. Or, check out our list of lactation smoothie mix-in ideas for ways to boost the calorie count in this smoothie and get everything in one blender for a quick meal! Remember, breastfeeding moms need about 400-500 additional calories per day and calorie intake is an important part of keeping your milk supply up for baby.

Don't have our chocolate flavor? No worries, this recipe will work with any of our flavors!

Please remember that our Milk Drunk Chocolate protein powder does contain 500mg of fenugreek and should not be consumed by pregnant mamas - and as always with herbal ingredients, you should consult your doctor before taking it if you have concerns.


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