Microwave Breastfeeding Mug Cake with Chocolate Chips

Microwave Breastfeeding Mug Cake with Chocolate Chips

A sweet lactation treat, our breastfeeding mug cake recipe packs over 26g protein, bakes up fast in your microwave and satisfies your sweet tooth while nursing or pumping. With just eight easy, pantry-ready ingredients, you can have this for breakfast or dessert in under five minutes!

We're all for decadent treats but it's important for breastfeeding moms to get their calories from nutrient-rich sources. We've added enough sugary goodness to this recipe so this mug cake feels like an indulgence - but with over a third of the protein recommended for breastfeeding moms plus 6.5g of fiber, it's still a healthy, totally-worth-it snack. And at just 350 calories, it makes a perfect breakfast when paired with fruit, or dairy-free yogurt.

Lactation cookies are a super-popular choice for moms looking to boost their milk supply naturally - but they're often full of processed sugar and fat, without much protein or other nutrients. And while we can't argue that they taste good, we'd encourage you nursing and pumping moms to place protein top of mind when weighing the pros and cons of the snacks and foods you choose. Need a little help? Read our quick article on some of the differences between our protein powders and traditional lactation cookies.


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