::Recipe: Milk Drunk Protein Chia Pudding

::Recipe: Milk Drunk Protein Chia Pudding

Who doesn't love a chia pudding? They take just minutes to make, you throw it in the fridge and forget about it until breakfast or a late night feeding and it's ready to go. Bonus - chia seeds are considered a breastfeeding powerhouse themselves, and are loaded with macronutrients and a good source of fiber, protein and minerals. Plus you know, it's pudding (!).  


- 1 scoop Milk Drunk protein powder
- 1 banana
- 1 T nut butter
- 2 t honey or maple syrup
- 1 c or so almond milk
- splash vanilla, bit of cinnamon
- 3 T chia seeds


Blend/mix everything except the chia seeds until well combined. Stir in chia seeds and let sit overnight. Top with berries, bananas, oats or chocolate chips. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

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