Rachel // Blogger // Mama

Rachel // Blogger // Mama

There are so many milk-enhancing products on the market, but most of them are not gluten free and dairy free. I have celiac disease so I cannot have any gluten and both my babies early on couldn’t digest my milk when I ate dairy.

Colic and reflux is no joke mamas! Milk Drunk is the perfect solution. It’s actually healthy, gluten free, dairy free and tastes good. It has great milk enhancing ingredients, while also keeping you in mind. The flavor is so so good, especially the OMG Salted Caramel YAY and the Mama Mocha, simply amazing! Blended with a banana, ice and whatever milk you fancy, it’s my go too.

It has actually helps steadily increase my supply and 100% helps my breastfeeding appetite stay on point. It’s easy to shove our face with tons of food, but these shakes really help suppress the need to eat constantly. My picky eater toddler actually asks for a few sips of my shakes too, which is like a triple win. I’m winning because I’m filling up my body with wholesome goodness, my baby is winning because she’s getting more breastmilk and my toddler is winning because he’s eating something I know is nutritious and high in protein that he actually likes!

My breastfeeding journey with both kids started out hectic. With my first born, all the breastfeeding woos and wows were in full swing and once we got the hang of it, around six months I saw a drop in my supply, so I started Milk Drunk. It helped so much, so when I found out I was pregnant I was so excited to use this product again. I was able to breastfeed my son until 13 months, which was past the goal I set for myself and stopped because I was pregnant and wanted to give my body a break.

When my daughter was born, I started Milk Drunk as soon as we got home. This time around, I am pumping because my daughter didn’t latch well and had such bad reflux as a newborn and it was easier for her to eat via bottle. So since I can see exactly what I am pumping, I know I need to fill my body with wholesome goodness, and Milk Drunk is a supplement I try and incorporate everyday. And when I do, constantly, I see a lovely gain in my supply and am so THANKFUL. I hope to also feed my daughter till 13 months; we are almost nine months strong. 

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